Course Description:

The Basic Pistol and Ohio CHL Course is designed to meet the handgun training requirements necessary to obtain an Ohio CHL permit. The course provides an overview of the Ohio Revised Code pertaining to concealed carry in Ohio. The CHL course consists of two parts.

Part one is the Basic Pistol course. The student will learn handgun safety, the various parts of a handgun; how to operate; how to properly store and clean a handgun. The ability to name, explain and demonstrate the rules for safe handling of a handgun and proper storage practices for handguns and ammunition. Basic shooting skills including proper stance, sight alignment, and target acquisition are also covered. The ability to demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary to shoot a handgun in a safe manner is required. Range time includes a physical demonstration of competence in the use of a handgun; in the rules for safe handling; in proper storage of a handgun; and in the attitude necessary to shoot a handgun in a safe manner. A written exam of the fundamentals of safe gun handling will be given.

Part two consists of defensive mindset, awareness, avoidance/de-escalation and methods of carrying and the overview of the Ohio statutes for a concealed handgun permit. Part two also includes pistol and ammunition selection guidelines for personal protection and self-defense, concealed carry equipment, other tools and introduction to physiological and psychological reactions.


Our range requires factory full metal jacketed ammunition only, no exposed lead. No reloads allowed. Bring 100 rounds of ammunition for your particular handgun. Do not bring live ammunition into the classroom until directed by the Instructor. Leave live ammunition in a box or container in your car until directed otherwise.

The presence of live ammunition in the classroom is cause for expulsion with no refund! Bring your handgun in a caliber suitable for self-defense to class. If you do not own a handgun and if necessary, you may borrow a firearm from one of the instructors, with prior approval. The Instructor will provide and the Students will be charged an additional fee for the cost of ammunition used for any borrowed handgun. Bring safety glasses and ear protection. No one will be allowed on the range without eye and ear protection.


The fee is $75.00 per person or discounted to $65.00 per person when registering two or more at the same time. Valid Ohio Driver’s License identification or other federally issued photo I.D. required.

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