.: Who We Are :.

The Western Ohio Personal Safety / Firearms Training Group is a group of ordinary everyday folks who are dedicated to educating the public about personal safety and safe gun practices.  We are all NRA certified instructors who offer our training expertise to the public at minimal fees.  None of us are employed by the NRA nor do we receive any pay or compensation for teaching these courses.  We do this as unpaid volunteers, as a public service.  Income from student fees is put back into the program in order to improve the quality of instruction and purchase student materials.

The Western Ohio Personal Safety / Firearms Training Group is a non-profit Ohio corporation chartered by the Ohio Secretary of State.  The U.S. Internal Revenue Service has determined that we are a non-profit educational organization exempt from federal income tax under section 501(a) of the Internal Revenue Code as an organization described in the Section 501c(3) of the Code.

Student fees paid to attend our classes are NOT tax deductible, because the student receives consideration from us (training) in exchange for money paid.  Contributions for which the donor receives no consideration from us, are deductible for federal income tax purposes. (Reference: Revenue Ruling 67-246, published in Cumulative Bulletin 1967-2, on page 104)

Our program is supported by the Clark County Sheriff, Sheriff Burchett.

.: Our Philosophy :.

Violent crime is a fact of life, despite precautions, it occurs every day.  The Western Ohio Personal Safety / Firearm Training Group advocates the right of every person to defend themselves from violent attack.  The private ownership of firearms is guaranteed to us by the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  Specifically to us as Ohioans by the Ohio Constitution, Article 1 Section 4.  We also believe that every person has the responsibility to educate himself in the use of the tools necessary for self-defense.  You owe it to yourselves, your family, your neighbors and to the public at large to know the rules for safe gun handling, be familiar with, and be proficient in the use of handguns.